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PhDLIT focuses on professional development, training, and educational consultation services. The LIT derives from Literacy which delves deeper than simply reading and writing in the 21st century. As we move forward through this millennium, we are required to master the 4Cs which PhDLIT identifies as Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. The 4Cs leads us to LIT= Life In Transformation. We transform our lives as we teach and learn from each other via the 4Cs and our multiple ways of understanding. Whether it is through reading, writing, speaking, listening, presentations, virtual communication, every person is using a form of literacy, the foundation of everything! PhDLIT is here for all learners from K-12 students through doctoral candidates, individuals and businesses. Get LIT

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I am Dr. Morlena T. Robinson and I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.  I grew up in a town called Waterford, which is in the parish of St. Catherine, the island’s largest parish. During my early childhood years, I was raised with my maternal great-grandmother who couldn’t read or write. At around age eight, my great-grandmother would dictate letters that I use to pen to her daughter (my grandmother) who lived in Washington, DC. Inadvertently, that was the beginning of my teaching and learning experience. Although my great-grandmother was illiterate, she taught me structure by ensuring that I completed my homework assignments each day, and she instilled in me, the value of reading and writing. This early appreciation for literacy helped me to excel in my earlier school years. I loved and took pride in learning, and I was usually a diligent student.

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Working with Dr. Robinson was inspirational. It is not often that one finds an administrator with a pure passion for teaching and student learning. The amount of time that she devoted to teacher development was instrumental in shaping teachers that could create actual change. As a result of our work together, I developed a better understanding of how students learn and vastly improved my teaching methodology. What stood out the most was her professionalism. She was welcoming, helpful and courteous all while challenging me to grow professionally. Her knowledge of pedagogy, people and practices is enlightening and refreshing.  She is truly a dedicated and enthusiastic elite educator committed to the success of all students and staff.

Mr. J. Richardson

MA, English Education

Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Robinson shared her research log with participants at a recent writing workshop. The other participants and I were all enthusiastic about this ingenious way to track our research, writing, and advisor review progress. I look forward to implementing her system as I begin my own doctoral research.

Megan Raines

2nd Year PhD Student

St. John’s University, Literacy Department 

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Dr. Robinson is a scholar and educator with years of teaching, counseling and research experience. I had the pleasure to complete my Ph.D. with her. She has been helpful in sharing and helping me and our cohort navigating the Ph.D. journey. She is a  people builder, listener, and consultant with a passion for helping learners build resilience, rediscover their value and potential and thrive in work and academic pursuit. I highly recommend her for your work and academic needs, especially if you are a prospective Ph.D. candidate, so make sure you reach out for her services!

Dominique Limprevil-Divers, MA, MEd

Instructor/Research Fellows

Center for New North Carolinians, UNCG

PhD Candidate, Department of Education

St. John's University

Dr.Robinson was very helpful in reviewing my graduate essay for my MBA/MPH program. She corrected my grammar errors, simplified sentences, and provided suggestions for improving sentence structure. She gave honest feedback, which led me to having a well-organized and passion filled grad essay. 

Crystal Allen

New York University '17

Bachelor of Science | School of Nursing

Media and Communications Concentration

@PHDLIT21 on Instagram

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