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Research Editing

Enhance your work with style, clarity, and the tone you portray to your readers. PhDLIT will help you communicate your ideas effectively, so readers experience an error free piece they can connect to.  Academic writing doesn’t need to be boring! 

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High School Tutor

Dissertation Editing

It is not easy to write and edit your own work, and a dissertation is no exception.  Although you have an academic advisor or mentor, it is not the job of the advisor or mentor to identify all your grammatical, punctuation, and APA errors. That can be very tedious, thus you need a professional reviewer to guide and give you feedback on those details that are critical to having an amazing piece of work. Let’s get it done!

On a Tablet

Master’s Thesis Editing

Revision of your content, grammatical check, phrases, sentence structure, APA style, reference check, and engagement to create a masterpiece!

Cover Letters

Let's get those impressive cover letters done to get you access to that outstanding program, or the job you have been wishing to acquire. We will effectively communicate your motivation,  expertise, and purpose to bring you closer to your goal.


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