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The Journey 

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PhDLIT focuses on professional development, training, and educational consultation services. The LIT derives from Literacy which delves deeper than simply reading and writing in the 21st century. As we move forward through this millennium, we are required to master the

4Cs which PhDLIT identifies as





Critical Thinking

The 4Cs lead us to LIT= Life In Transformation.

We transform our lives as we teach and learn from each other via the 4Cs and our multiple ways of understanding. Whether it is through reading, writing, speaking, listening, presentations, virtual communication, every person is using a form of literacy, the foundation of everything! PhDLIT is here for all learners from K-12 students through doctoral candidates, individuals and businesses.


Enjoy The Journey

She Knows How To Live

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

You have been very dedicated in your quest to becoming Dr! Once you get there, it is the beginning of a new journey. You are a scholar and you should continue to contribute to the field by publishing, teaching, or working in the industry. Take the time to celebrate this monumental milestone with your family, friends, and those who supported you along the journey. Reflect on your accomplishments and start making new goals. Whatever you do, always enjoy the process!

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